Crickets vs. Livestock

The difference in the amount of water, feed, and land required to farm crickets vs. other forms live stock is unbelievable!!ย The figure pulled from the study linked below shows the amount of land, feed, and water needed to produce 1kg of live animal weight as well as the percentage of the animal which is edible.

It takes approximately 15,500 L of water to produce 1 kg of live animal weight of beef. Out of which only 40% (0.4kg) is edible. Using the same math, this study showed that it takes only 2,500 L of water to produce 0.8kg of edible cricket protein. That means 80% less water is used in order to produce double the amount of final edible product. That’s 13,000 liters of water saved!

The agriculture industry already accounts for 70% of global fresh water use. Cricket farming presents an incredible opportunity to help decrease that usage. Putting cricket protein on the menu may sound strange to most but stay tuned. This week we’ll show you a few simple, easy, and delicious ways that we like to incorporate cricket protein into our own diets. HINT: We like brownies ๐Ÿ™‚