My father’s family is from rural Hidalgo, Mexico so he grew up eating insects, various plants, and cacti out of necessity. I got introduced to these practices at a young age whenever we would go and visit. I thought eating bugs and cactus was totally normal. In fact most of the grubs and plants we ate were absolutely delicious. As I got older it really started to hit home that this wasn’t the norm. Why not? The food was/is good and sustainable. My grandparents have been harvesting various plants and bugs for as long as I can remember. Why not share my experiences and help these industries grow. Which is where Hygieia Health comes in.

Two words that define us: Health and Sustainability.  The Goal: Spreading awareness of new, unique, and innovative practices/products with personal and environmental health in mind. From cricket powder: For a sustainable protein source to Cactus Farming: To help reduce our fresh water use in agriculture. As well as any other unique, interesting, and exciting ventures we can find!

Follow us on our adventure as we discover for ourselves these exciting + interesting practices and innovative products . We hope to learn a thing or two along the way as well 🙂